Simplifying supplier coordination & streamlining the tender process

Creating an account in ByggJobs is a reliable way to see the workers chosen for your projects, but there’s much more to a successful construction than just the boots on the ground. Raw materials, tools, machinery, and logistics are all part of the complex organization required to finish a project on-time and within the budget. Few, if any, actors in the industry today have all the resources they need for a project and the necessary software to manage them all efficiently enough to make it a cost effective operation.


The result of this unworthwhile cost analysis has sadly led to a situation where an entrepreneur has several external partners and suppliers, and coordinating all these external resources can be more costly, if not on paper, then in the time to have all the emails, phone calls, meetings, and negotiations, than actually having a software system designed for this purpose.

ByggTender is the natural step forward

Concentrating the tender process steps into a single app provides you the benefits of finding the suppliers you need, initiating and completing the tender process, saving your favorite suppliers for future projects, providing reviews of the chosen suppliers, and many more features!

construction material

Simplify Procurement for Your Construction Projects

ByggTender will allow you to see live prices for raw materials across many different competing suppliers and browse the available machines for rent with the certainty that the schedule you see is up-to-date. Filtered searches let you find the required equipment no matter how niched your need is.

Social responsibility

The EHRAB Group was founded on principles of fair treatment and social responsibility for the mistreated workers of our industry, but our mission to ensure a better world does not end at the individual. There are environmental considerations to keep in mind, so we want you to know that the timber you purchased was farmed and harvested through a sustainable partner that properly replants their product, or that the concrete mixture for your foundation was manufactured with certified carbon-friendly procedures in place.

More than giving you the peace of mind that your project has sustainability written into the very components used to construct it, we are already keeping note of organizations that share our principles of social responsibility. These partner organizations will be first into ByggTender.