Did you know that mobile devices have become the primary platform for online engagement?

With the exponential growth of smartphone usage, digital marketing has adapted to this mobile landscape, offering responsive websites, mobile apps, and location-based targeting. By optimizing your digital marketing strategies for mobile, you can tap into a vast audience that is constantly connected on the go.

We recruit and rent mobile teams of workers

ByggJobs is a digital platform that works as a marketplace for both job seekers and entrepreneurs in the construction and installation industries. Our platform helps secure access to highly skilled workers from all over Europe. 

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Matching of workers and construction projects

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ByggJobs simplifies the process of finding skilled and knowledgeable workers for your project or company

Start your own recruitment process and select the candidates you see would best fit your company, or contact us to get a tailored selection of the best candidates available! 

ByggJobs makes it easy to find the right person for the job and successfully complete any project! 

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Use our personal database

ByggJobs makes it easy to plan the human resources aspect of your project. It’s easy to use the platform and see your team of skilled workers get assembled by our recruiting veterans. You can see the profile of any candidate at any time during the recruitment process and give your feedback about each candidate we select for you to your designated customer success manager. 

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Create a work order

Regardless of which stage in your project you have reached, you can use ByggJobs to easily send a staffing request. When your order has been made into a work advertisement, you can see all the applicants that are interested in your project and all the candidates we have hand-picked for you. Save your favorite candidates for future projects!

Easy registration

Creating a work order is quick and easy

Fill out your company information during signup and get verified within 24 hours! 

Invite your colleagues to the app! 

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