ByggPedia is another exciting project that is in development

ByggPedia will provide the construction industry with a social platform that puts everyone on equal ground.

The concept is simple, an online social forum where recognition and status cannot be bought, only gained, by demonstrating real knowledge that industry colleagues validate through likes, dislikes, and comments.


Veterans in the industry are aware of the biggest challenge facing construction; brain drain

The highly skilled workers that we’ve relied on for decades are slowly but surely going into pension, and the workforce isn’t being replaced by younger generations fast enough. This is a problem that no actor in construction or construction staffing can capitalize on, we are all equally vulnerable to the threat of simply not having enough of a pool to choose from.


Reflecting on this problem provided us with two valuable insights:

The first is that we are not helpless in the face of this problem so long as we act quickly to provide incentive for the skilled workers we still have to educate the young but eager generation.

The second is that the problem is more of a network problem than a incentive problem. As part of the EHRAB Group, we know our people, but the fact that skilled and knowledgeable people want to be heard, understood, and appreciated for their knowledge is not an exclusive fact to our industry, it’s very common human nature.

Our industry, however, is lagging behind others in the move to digitalize. ByggPedia is the result of acting on these two insights.

By providing an international platform where people from any number of languages can read and learn from the same thread on, for example, mixing concrete, we expand the scope of our solution beyond the borders of our native countries.

Connecting Construction Entrepreneurs & Workers for Enhanced Collaboration & Promotion

More than providing a space for workers to come in contact with workers, ByggPedia brings the construction entrepreneurs into the same sphere.

Through a verified company account, entrepreneurs of any size can show community engagement with the same workers they have on their project sites by posting video, image, or text content about their projects or about their company.

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Expand Your Reach & Elevate Your Brand with ByggPedia

ByggPedia is also the ideal place to advertise to workers or other entrepreneurs. In-page ads, banner ads, and sponsored posts ensure that people know what your organization represents, but if you want to go the extra mile, we will also launch ByggJobs TV and our own recording studio.

Through an exclusive partnership with us, your organization will have everything needed to produce the highest quality content of your choosing and showcase yourself on the best advertising slots we have.

Integrated with

Integrated with ByggJobs

Since ByggPedia is part of the SweApps portfolio of platforms, it will be deeply integrated with ByggJobs. A workers social profile will have a one-to-one connection with their professional profile, and the purpose is to add an extra layer of validation to a person’s qualifications and knowledge.

Since this layer comes directly from industry colleagues, it is unbiased since it doesn’t come from interested parties, and it is unrivaled since the person is being validated by many people that have the technical qualifications to validate them

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